For an exclusive entertainment lovers „Svajoniu Dvaras“ offers try bow and arrow entertainment.  If you don’t know how it’s done – training is given. Also we could organaize friendly competition for your company.  Archery – interesting, unique entertainment suitable for company celebrations, friends and family.


In our homestead you can found a lake, named Keršis, which depth is 42 metres! You can spend your free time enjoy swimming, boating or fishing. Seafront bridge is with a bench where you can soak up the sun and the beautiful landscape. You can rent a boat and had a successful fishing.


Heating in sauna relaxes and cleanses your body, helping to recuperate. After soaking, you can plop into the lake. In addition – sauna is an excellent way to communicate and spend leisure time with friends and family. Bath service is available only to homestead „Svajoniu Dvaras“ guests, who order it in advance.


For outdoor leisure enthusiasts there are universal sports ground in homestead teritory. It’s free to use for all our guests. Here you can play basketball, volleyball or tennis. This is a great way to have a good time during the holidays with loved ones and maintain excellent physical shape.